Where Did It All Start? Ideal Conditions
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Where Did It All Start: Ideal Conditions

There were three conditions in the world at the time of Christ's birth making it the optimum time for a world ruler to emerge.

Where Did It All Start? Ideal Conditions

Three conditions merged together in making the time of Christ’s birth the best possible time for a universal leader to emerge: the Jewish faith, the Romans and the Greek language.

The 1st  ideal condition was the Jewish faith.
They had faith in the ONE God – the  Creator of the whole universe and the moral law. This knowledge of the one God had spread everywhere because of Jewish dispersion and trade. Even though the Romans thought the Jews were crazy, they secretly admired their faith, and upright lives.

The 2nd ideal condition were the Romans.
This was 1 of the few times in all of history when the whole world of humanity had been under one ruler and on the whole, one that was just. The Romans were very practical. They developed an extensive communication system as good as almost any until our own day. With a great system of roads, travel became easy and much safer. This meant that  news could travel relatively fast from one end of the empire to the other.  

The 3rd ideal condition was the Greek language. It was like English today. It was understood and used all over the empire.

So, with the Jewish faith, the Roman empire, and the Greek language, the world was uniquely ready for the coming great one.

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