What Will My Life Become If I Follow Christ?
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What Will My Life Become If I Follow Christ?

Jesus chose his disciples from his followers and it was up to them to respond to his call. This video talks about how your life will change.

What Will My Life Become if I Follow Christ?

There is a great misconception today – that somehow WE are the ones that choose Jesus. It’s true that we do need to make a decision --- but it’s really a decision to accept HIS choice of US! Jesus chose his disciples from his followers and it was up to them to respond to his call. It’s the same today. He tells us this: “You didn’t choose me. I chose you. I appointed you to go and produce lasting fruit, so that the Father will give you whatever you ask for, using my name.” (John 15:16) So to be chosen by Jesus is a privilege and when times get tough it’s a comfort to know that we are doing what we’ve been called to do and He will see us through to accomplishing our purpose.

When Jesus chose his disciples the gospel writer Mark records that, “they were to accompany him and (then) he would send them out to preach.”  Jesus made the order here pretty clear. Disciples first and foremost spend time with Him --and then we go out to do his work. First Jesus tells us first to “come to Him”
----and then he invites us to “abide in him” or “live in him”. Spending time is the heart of any relationship and when we follow Jesus we start spending a lot more time with Him. Not because we have to but because we want to.

When we spend time with Jesus we learn from him. In fact disciples are perpetual learners.  They hang on Christ’s every word either through the gospels or through another one of his servants he uses to teach us. From this kind of learning we can then form our decisions concerning marriage, family, politics, finances and many other issues.

Besides spending lots of time with Jesus, disciples spend time with each other. They learn and grow together in the things of our Lord and enjoy sharing with one another. Although we are all individuals learning, we are doing so in the company of others.As disciples we learn how to follow. What we hear on Sunday must be walked out in practical situations Monday through Saturday. These are the days that we are especially called to serve and work for Jesus.

While not all of us are called to be pastors or missionaries, ALL of us ARE called to be Christ’s witnesses and we can start doing this right where we work or go to school. We are to simply share our story with others in our own words when the opportunity comes.

Today there are many ways that we’ll serve Jesus. Some of us will get involved with business, some with teaching, healthcare, or even politics. We need to ask Jesus what he wants us to do and then count on him to guide us into that. Whatever you end up doing for the Master you’ll try your best to please him. We all do. Love for Jesus becomes our main aim. You won’t find a lot of rules and regulations to follow. The King just asks that we love him and there is nothing that pleases him more than when we do that – however imperfect.

Finally as a disciple of Jesus we must realize that we are not on our own. Jesus promised that after he died and rose from the dead that the Holy Spirit – Christ’s very own unseen self, would indwell every disciple and that includes us today! Christ’s spirit will remind us of what He said  and then give us the power to carry it out. Every disciple of Jesus walks in partnership with him through His Holy spirit indwelling us. And -- This is how Jesus continues his work today – through us.

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