Can We Meet Jesus?
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Can We Meet Jesus?

The heart of what is called Christianity is a personal relationship with Jesus. So how can we meet him today?

Can We Meet Jesus?

There is a wide-spread misunderstanding of what Christianity is. Most people think it is a religion but it’s not. It’s a relationship. The heart of what is called Christianity is a personal relationship with Jesus. He’s the most wonderful, attractive person who ever lived. He’s alive and well and we can meet him.

You might have heard of him through friends who have been influenced by Jesus. Keep an open and inquiring mind because you can check him out. Even though we weren’t there in the first century of Palestine there are two main ways we can check him out today.

First, get hold of one of the eye-witness accounts of Jesus written by Matthew, Mark, Luke or John and read it with an open mind, especially if you’ve read it before. Ask God to reveal to you the truth, even if you’re not sure that He exists. Just give Him a chance to speak to you.

Second, Get alongside some of his followers – people who know him and have had their lives changed by him. Watch their lifestyle, talk with them, and go to worship with them. See if it begins to make sense. It’s a bit like checking out a doctor by talking with his patients. Once you’ve checked out Jesus through the gospels and your friends, if you find you are still interested then the next step will be to count the cost.

At the time of Jesus, He told his followers that to follow him would mean giving HIM priority over family, friends, and their jobs. It would call for their perseverance because it could mean facing opposition and being in the minority. Jesus was radical. He said, “Whoever….does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:33) He didn’t mean his followers should sell all they had -- but he did mean that we should no longer consider ourselves owners of anything we have – only stewards or managers, or tenants.

A true disciple has nothing hidden from Jesus because Jesus is #1 to them. Following Jesus will cost you everything so it’s not a light decision. But what’s the alternative? What would it cost you to miss the Kingdom of God? Let’s talk more about that in the next video.

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