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The Basic Presuppositions of Christianity
At the start of every new university year Rev. Ernest O'Neill, pastor of a large church on a midwest campus in the United States, felt it was important to reexamine the presuppositions upon which our faith is based. These four studies will take a look at each of these presuppositions.

The Bible -- Is It Relevant?
The Bible is one of the oldest history books that we have, but is it reliable and is it still relevant? Three of the studies will deal with these issues and the fourth will give some guidance as to how we can study it.

Seeking God
This course is a continuation of the lead article on this web site. You'll learn that God truly wants us to find Him and He has made everything so that we can and will find Him if we are diligent seekers. We'll talk about some of the qualifications needed to seek for God and then we'll look at which God we are seeking. Finally in the third study we'll look at where God can be found and how to go about seeking Him. Seeking God is the start of a great adventure and we hope that these studies will be the launch in your life of that adventure.

Meaning and Purpose
This course is about the original purpose for your existence and the source of meaning behind your life. We will rediscover God's original idea that has been lost in a cloud of religion. God's original idea was a kingdom -- not a religion. The greatest longing within the human heart is for answers to the meaning and purpose of life. If you destroy man's sense of destiny and purpose he becomes little more than a beast. And that has been what much of man has become over the centuries. We have missed what God originally had in mind when he created all of us. This course will help you rediscover that for yourself.

Man's Problem and God's Cure
In part 1 of these studies we look at the heart of the Christian message. We'll see that the Bible accurately diagnoses man's problem but it also offers a cure. We'll study the plan made in eternity - Christ's death and resurrection. This plan called the cross or calvary is like a doorway that allows us to enter into "real life". We'll start the study one week before Jesus actually dies and walk with Him through His last days.

In part 2 of the studies we'll focus on God's plan of restoration for mankind and how we can appropriate it for our own lives. Part 2 is called "It is finished" and it remains for us to study and to answer for ourselves the question, "What was finished?".

Superhuman Life- Table of Contents
This was a series of one page articles written for the Christian Corps International Newsletter by Rev. Ernest O'Neill. He takes us from the beginning of the world and leads us step by step to the practicalities in our own lives that we may wonder about. Are we just little mice scurrying around on earth trying to keep alive or were we created for a life beyond this? You can start at the beginning or on any article that sounds interesting to you. Either way your thinking will be challenged.

Is Purity Possible? - Table of Contents
Many of us who would call ourselves Christian are troubled by the double lives we lead. Outwardly we appear kind and considerate while inwardly we are full of resentment and bitterness that can break out into sinful behavior of all kinds and when we least expect it. The talks in this course will show you how you can experience deliverance from this double, unclean life.